The dairy

Il Caseificio dell'Alta Langa is located in Bosia,

halfway between Alba and Cortemilia.

It named by the High Langa Piemontese,

area for the most part still green,

famous for its wine and cheese.



Milk, live food.


Each cheese is processed using methods, technologies and different cultures so that they retain the flavors and the natural characteristics of the milk. In principle one can still sum up a processing in the following way:



Three types of milk.


Three types of milk from certified farms, are further checked on arrival at the plant, in order to be absolutely certain they do not contain inhibitors (antibiotics); They are then stored and matured at different temperatures in order to enhance the native flora specific for the different cheeses.

The mix of milk needed is then heat-treated, added with lactic ferments and brought to specific temperatures for the rennet.



After the first phase...


A coagulation occurred, it carries out the breaking of the curd.

Spent enough time to occur syneresis, the curd is collected in the molds. After steaming, the forms are salted and left to mature in the appropriate controlled atmosphere rooms.

Once you reach the perfect seasoning, the product is packaged.

The experience

All the processing steps are monitored and executed with the utmost respect of the most advanced health and hygiene regulations and the Community regulations (H.A.C.C.P.).

The goal of the Caseificio Alta Langa has always been to produce cheeses using local recipes revisited by the experience of the technicians, in compliance with the absolute naturalness, without the addition of preservatives, dyes, additives.




Via Provinciale, 17 | 12050 Bosia (CN)

+39 0173 854174 | Fax +39 0173 854213

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