Robiola di Roccaverano D.O.P.

Fresh cheese exclusively produced from raw goat milk


Made of raw goat milk,rennet, salt.

This "robiola" is produced in the shape of a cylinder with flat faces featuring a slightly raised edge; weighing between 270 and 320 grams approx., between 4 and 5 cm in height and 10 to 11 cm in diameter.

The product complies with the existing national and EU-regulations.

Packaging: the product is wrapped in paper showing all the statutory entries, sealed at the bottom by a paper sticker showing a serial number and the company identification number.

The packaging material complies with the regulations concerning the specific and overall migration.

The product is sold in polystyrene boxes of 6 pieces.

Intended use: table cheese suitable for consumption without further processing.

Storage: store at +4°/+8° C.

Shelf life: 45 days from packaging.




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