Il Nocciolo

Soft ripened cheese, pasteurized


Made of cow milk, sheep milk, goat milk, ferments, salt, rennet.

Small cube shaped, light straw yellow color, edible thin and wet rind, weight about 110 g (4 oz).

This little delight, with its thin and soft rind, is obtained from the three milks mixed together in a harmonious equilibrium, patiently matured for about 24 hours.

Thanks to its creamy texture, it melts immediately in the mouth, revealing a light acid note perfectly combined with the sweetness of melted butter aroma.

Tasting suggestions: at room temperature, excellent natural or on warm toasted bread.

Packaging: 9 pieces cases, case weight about 1 kg (2 lb).

Storage recommendations: keep at +4°/+8° C (39°/46° F).

Shelf life: 45 days.




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